Professional Loading Service



  • Centerfire Ammunition
  • Bulk Ammunition - New and Remanufactured
  • Private Labeling Programs
  • Contract Loading Service
  • Specialized Services - Handloading small lot
  • Ballistic Testing
  • FFL Firearms Transfer
  • New Component Sales: Brass, Bullets, Primers
  • Merchandise

Extend the positive image of our company, our people, and our innovative products throughout the market.

We will accomplish this by building on our hertitage, by living our values, by the continual development of products that meet our customers needs, and through sharing the pride and passion of our people to exhibit and live ever day for the hunting and shooting sports.ill .   (844) 635-5275

Mission Statement

Vision Statement

Manufacture and market ammunition of the highest quality to meet our customers demanding applications, to offer a unique, reliable, and cost effective product, that is the consistent choice of passionate shooters and hunters worldwide.

Create an enjoyable, complete, and memorable experience for all shooters, passionate hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

Professional Loading Service

Here at Professional Loading Service, we are committed to you our customer and our goal is to exceed your expectations.

Our staff is made up of dedicated individuals who share the same passion towards the sport shooting industry.  We stand behind each and every box of ammunition manufactured. and that it was:

Proudly Made in the USA


406-AMMO, 406 Ammunition, Reloading, 9MM, 10MM, 380,308, 38, 357, 40, 45, 223, 556, 5.56,,